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When Downsizing

Choosing to move to a smaller home can be daunting. Deciding what items to keep is hard enough; but figuring out what to do with the items you can’t keep can be downright overwhelming.


At Sterling Life Solutions we understand the emotional and physical challenges that come with moving a lifetime of memories and possessions. Our downsizing specialists have the patience and skills to help you make the necessary decisions, and the knowledge, and capability to disperse your belongings where they need to go! 

Whether you just need to donate or sell a couple of items, or want to liquidate most of your estate, we can help! 

Our downsizing and estate liquidation process is simple and stress free! 

We meet to inventory your belongings. 

Step 1

We help you understand what items can fit within your new floor plan. 

Step 2

We help you navigate the decisions as to what to do with what “doesn’t fit.”

Step 3

We arrange moving, storage, dispersal, donation, liquidation, sale, or disposal of your no longer needed belongings. 

Step 4


Step 5

It is absolutely normal to feel overwhelmed when faced with downsizing. We can help.

At Sterling Life Solutions, our number one goal is to make your move stress free so you can get settled into your new home as quickly and happily as possible! 

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