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"Age in Place" with Safety 

Empowering Seniors to Live Comfortably in Their Own Homes

What is Aging in Place

It refers to the ability and desire of older adults to live independently and comfortably in their own homes for as long as possible as they age.

Benefits of Aging in Place

  • Maintain familiar surroundings

  • Promotes independence and autonomy

  • Preserves social connections

  • Reduces the risk of loneliness

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Plan in advance for future changes, "Right Size" your home

As an individual ages, there may be a need for some minor changes to their home to provide more accessibilty and safety in their home.

In order for this to happen, most homes need some modifications to accommodate the needs of aging owners.

At Sterling, we offer a variety of services for seniors that allow homeowners of all ages to live comfortably, safely, and independently in their homes. 
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  • Install grab bars and handrails

  • Install lever style door handles

  • Shower seat installation

  • Motion Sensor Faucets

  • Motion Sensor Lighting

  • Install chair lifts

  • Install anti-scald device

  • Install rollout-shelving

  • Install door cameras

  • Install anti-slip flooring

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