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Updated: Jun 30, 2023

“Clutter is linked to chronic stress, anxiety and depression: women who live in cluttered homes were found to have higher levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, in their bodies, a study by UCLA reveals.”

Are you ready to treat yourself to a little “staycation”? Meet Karen Superville, our new Right-Sizing Specialist. She is our newest employee and the queen of organization. At Sterling we recognize that the first steps before even considering to move would be to sort thru those items that you know just simply have outgrown their usefulness.

Not only will you have a better outlook regarding making the actual move, but you’ll have better visual, mental and emotional connection to those things that really should be “making the move.”

A clean space is a clean slate and what could be more exciting when considering moving than to really embrace it as a new beginning. We recommend starting small and setting manageable goals. Even when hiring a professional, know that you don’t have to spend all day or several consecutive days going thru it all.

If you feel that the clutter in your home is symptomatic of other mental health issues you may be going thru, we also encourage you to reach out to a trained professional.

Sometimes we hold onto “things” when what we’re really looking for is genuine connections.

Maybe instead of the new shoes, a coffee date with a friend would be more beneficial. Better yet, invite them into your newly decluttered home and let the conversation flow as freely as the energy in your new space!!


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