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Falling Into Fall

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

As many of us embrace the change of the seasons; we think soft cozy blankets, seasonal fragranced candles, and comfort food! However, as we move into the cooler months in the Senior Move Management field it’s a time where we need to be even more aware of the challenges our Seniors face as well as the safety concerns for our internal moving crews.

That blanket that our beloved Seniors find comfort in, can become a trip hazards. The candles and preparation of comfort food may present fire hazards. So too the falling leaves can present a major slip hazard for our Seniors as well as our moving team. Add to the mix the fact that the colder weather typically has an “effect on our joints” and can limit mobility.

However, all is not lost! To the contrary, it all just comes down to active awareness. Bringing awareness to any situation always facilitates a solution and at Sterling we are clearly all about SOLUTIONS!

Have the conversation with your loved ones. Make sure they are aware of their surroundings.

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