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Holiday Do's and Don'ts

At Sterling, we are never short on topics of discussion nor lacking in our research of how to become even more educated on the aging demographic that we work with. We all know that the Holidays can be very difficult for many but so too they can be a “time of great joy”. Here’s a quick share based on the wonderful research from!


DO include your family members in event and/or meal planning

DO make some of their favorite meals or treats

DO help them primp

The better we look the better we feel and that’s true for all of us at any age!

DO look at family photo albums

“Many people try to avoid sad memories, thinking they will upset their loved one. But, in fact, it can (be) a healthy way to release normal feelings.”-Rebecca Axline, Licensed Social Worker

DO guide a “life review”

“You can do a life review by asking your loved one questions like, “What are some of the most satisfying things in your life?” or “What is your favorite piece of music?”

DO revive old family traditions

“Include them in the spirit of the season. Engage with them, let them participate, let them observe the family’s festivities. Let them hear the laughs and be included in whatever way they are capable.”-Misty Taylor, Registered Nurse, Senior Vice President of Clinical Operations and Quality at Brightstar Care

DO keep your loved one involved

DO enjoy the moment…stop and enjoy the holiday magic, whatever it looks like!


DON’T make decisions for them… ”take the holiday at their pace”

DON’T expect only happy emotions

“Let elders talk about loved ones they are grieving as a way of remembering. Don’t be dismissive of this.”-Misty Taylor

DON’T quiz them or expect them to remember everything

DON’T force things

…and to all a goodnight…Happy Holidays from Sterling Senior Life Solutions

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