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Home is Where the Heart Is

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Sometimes our lives are so busy that we treat our homes as if they were impersonal places that we merely pass through. Perhaps we’ve lived for decades in a certain place and it’s lost it’s luster? Whatever the reason, a home filled with love and supportive energy can become a sanctuary free from stress and all the outside noise.

When we take the time to treat our homes like the beloved treasures they are, we feel enveloped in a special sort of way and all those who enter our doors feel it too. It becomes a place for sharing special time with family and friends.

Our homes are an outer reflection of those who live within. Whether it’s moving to a new home or updating our existing home to better reflect our needs or changing aesthetic tastes, there is a certainty that change can be uplifting, motivating and invigorating.

Did you ever notice the beauty that arises with each season externally? The snow falling on bare tree limbs evokes a certain peaceful quality contrasted with the first daffodils poking thru the soil in a mischievous playful way just like Spring.

“Home is where the heart is” an appropriate expression of those who live within and all the inevitable abundance that comes from treating our homes with tender loving care and that will be returned tenfold.

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