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Make A Wish

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

It’s hard to believe but we’re coming up on that time of year already! You know the Santa’s list that children near and far relish in making. Well, little did we know that although we may not get everything on that list, there is great power in intention setting. It’s a focused “project” of getting clear on what it is you want in your life.

The power of intention setting even trumps goal setting. Goal setting has become antiquated in many ways because of the negative mental health side effects that people attribute to “not reaching those goals”. Intention setting is less restrictive which ultimately allows us to achieve our goals in a way that is more available to not only achieving but expanding on those “wish list” items we didn’t even realize we wanted! It allows us to step back in any given moment and see if the intention that I set needs “tweaking” and helps us avoid hitting the proverbial wall of burnout.

We’ve experienced this in a very real way with one of our first clients. It was AMAZING! We went in as the “experts” to a 90-year-old clients home. We had it down pat, how to pack, how to wrap, etc, etc. but in being open to setting the intention prior to moving the client that we wanted everything to go smoothly and empowering for our Senior the whole day opened in an unexpected way! That 90-year-old client with his “scribbled” list in hand of the notes he needed to feel confident became a “scrap of paper” that we literally turned into one of our best internal checklists for creating a positive move experience.

Our Consultant, literally takes that form with him on every consult and since then we’ve built on it!

Yes, make a list and check it twice but be mindful of all there is to learn in not blowing past the gift that your intention setting has afforded you!

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