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Moving Fido

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Today just a brief “fireside chat” about moving our faithful four-legged friends.

Meet Evan my 14-year-old rescue dog! We’ve moved at least 4 times during our life together and we’ve traveled via car to at least a dozen more. He’s been the “patriarch” of the family in more ways than one. Once we get him “settled” his calm and compassionate ways are seen by all who enter our home.

However, as a rescue and not “really” knowing his history he has been prone to bouts of anxiety. That being said, it was super important during any transition that we paid close attention to transitioning him with ease and grace.

I’m sure there are a diverse bunch of how to’s from vets to pet psychologists BUT no one knows your pet better than you!

I’m sharing just a few tips that worked for our family and hopefully it will jump start you to begin to think about creating a joyful moving experience for your WHOLE family too!

If possible, take them back and forth between old property and new property as much as possible. Short bursts of new environments worked well for Evan.

  1. Keep new toys, bones, etc at the new property. It not only gets them excited but keeps them preoccupied and less anxious.

  2. A new pet bed has always worked well during the transition times. That way when they “fully” arrive at the new home their scent is already there.

  3. Slowly lengthen alone time at the new home. A family member would always come home every two to three hours the first few days. Unless you work from home, the limited alone time in the beginning seemed to have worked best…

  4. AND last but not least a little extra love and affection goes a loooong way.

After all, these creatures give so much to us in the way of unconditional love it’s the least we can do to give that back!

“Bone” Voyage and Tail-wagging moves to you and yours!

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