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Short and To The Point

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Let’s get right to the point and keep the story short…LOL. Here’s some quick tips that both you and your mover want to get right down to business with:

  1. Do they label your boxes and clearly identify fragile items?

  2. Is a room-by-room list generated to designate pieces being moved or transported?

  3. Can a floorplan of the home you are moving to be generated to clearly identify how items will fit in your new space.

  4. Must you be present on the day of the move? This is an especially important question if you’re doing a long-distance move.

  5. If they can handle everything without you being there, pack your overnight bag and make your travel plans (aka hotels you may want to stay at, maybe even destinations that you want to visit along the way). The right mover should make your move RIGHT FOR YOU.

  6. Confirm with your Real Estate Agent or new community that the house will be ready on time as promised!

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