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Updated: Jul 24, 2023

As members of NASMM (National Association of Senior Move Managers), we understand the concept of total person/total care at a very deep level. We’re always striving to improve how we engage with the Senior who may be moving or choosing to age in place thru continued education and processes.

Our blog was designed with the intent to share not just what we do, but a more comprehensive resource for Seniors and their families. Starting a conversation around a holistic approach to therapy is worth sharing!

We were recently inspired by our meeting with Fox Rehab and their understanding of treating the TOTAL PERSON in their rehabilitative services. They have a Holistic approach to clinical therapy; so of course, we were excited to learn more. Let’s explore!

Understanding that a person’s physical limitations do not define who they are but are merely one aspect of a current situation. That person’s life is an integral part in how they may respond to PT or OT. Recognizing the emotional, mental, and spiritual component of each individual allows not only the clinician to understand the TOTAL PERSON but helps all to embrace TOTAL CARE.

“Clinicians who incorporate a Holistic approach to therapy can help their patients develop a deeper understanding of themselves and therefore improve outcomes during the therapy process.”

Fox identifies several markers in the success of the client. Self-concept makes the top of the list. It involves their ability to move from dependency to self-directed learning. How easily the

patient can transition to feeling confident in doing an activity alone is a crucial understanding.

So too, their life experiences can aid them to a fuller and/or faster recovery. If a person has loved cooking their whole life, and are currently unable to do so, that desire to return to “normal” may very well fuel a faster recovery.

As with all of us, at any age, comes the choice to be ready and willing to learn something new. We are more likely to embrace our recovery if we have a willingness to learn new skillsets, exercises and ways of mastering what we have learned. Fox deems that willingness as an impetus to succeed and aids greatly in recovery.

Obviously, how the Senior responds to therapy will greatly dictate the next phase that Sterling Senior Solutions is able to assist them with. Whether it be moving to an assisted facility or making accommodations to age in place…we are READY, WILLING and ABLE!

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