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All the Senior Moving Services You Need,
None of the Stress

From the day you decide it’s time to move until the day you’re settled into your new home sweet home, we manage EVERYTHING.

The number one goal of our White Glove Senior Moving Services is to ensure you have an enjoyable, completely stress-free move from start to finish!

In fact, we’re the most compassionate, comprehensive senior moving company you will find. 

Counting Boxes

We respect your belongings and value your life experiences!

That is a big part of why we choose not to use any 3rd party contractors. You can be assured that all of our services are performed by our well trained, experienced, and compassionate team members

Our White Glove Senior Moving Services are available as a package or ala carte!

  • Packing

  • Organizing

  • Liquidating

  • Moving

  • Help Arranging Storage

  • Cleaning

  • Unpacking

  • Settling In Services

Our Comprehensive White Glove Senior Moving Package

In-depth consultation with precise room-to-room 3-D floorplan to show new floor plan and where every one of your belongings will be placed. You will be able to visualize perfectly what your new home will look like.

Step 1

We start cataloging and packing all your belongings, working with you to decide which items will make the transition and which items will be re-homed.

Step 2

3-D Floorplan

We pick up and transport your belongings. Whether your belongings are being sold, donated, or moving to your new home – we manage every piece of your property. This is where Sterling Life Solutions soars above the competition! Many companies will only work “with” a 3rd party mover. No need for 3rd parties when you choose us. We do it all!

Step 3

We carefully unpack and organize the placement of all your belongings as per the agreed upon floorplan.

Step 4

We get you settled into your new home. We clean, make the beds, organize your drawers and cabinets, set up your decor, and even make sure your toiletries are where you want them. 

Step 5

We clean your old residence, making sure that the home is ready for the next stage.

Step 6

Our Premium White Glove Senior Moving Service  also includes:

  • Managing your change of address with the US Postal Service

  • Transferring your old or setting up your new utilities

  • Setting your clocks

  • Setting up your electronics (TV, Computer, Tablets, Phones) 

  • Setting up and testing all safety equipment

  • Install new batteries in all smoke and CO2 detectors

Additional Moving Related Services:

  • Handy man services for light repairs of previous or new residence

  • Managing any additional services you may require

Chat with us today!

We know just how overwhelming moving a lifetime of treasures and memories can seem! We offer the perfect blend of care, hard work, and support to get the job done.​

See why we’re a great moving experience.

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